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Who is Kyoritsu Insurance Brokers of Japan

  • We are one of the largest insurance brokers in Japan.
  • We provide a service of risk management including global insurance arrangement and consulting services for large and medium-sized companies.
  • We provide insurance advisory services in the field of project finance, PFI and credit enhancement for structured finance.
  • We newly provide insurance advisory services for corporate or owner business in life insurance.
Company Name Kyoritsu Insurance Brokers of Japan Co., Ltd.
Head Office Kyoritsu Nihonbashi Building 4F,2-2-16 Nihonbashi,Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0027
Tel 03-5962-3095 Fax 03-3548-0571
Osaka Branch Kougin Bldg, 3rd floor, 4-1-1, Kouraibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 541-0043 Japan
Tel 06-6233-5560 Fax 06-6233-5563
Established April 1,1996
Paid up Capital 233million yen
Shareholders The Kyoritsu Co., Ltd
Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Mizuho Leasing Co., Ltd.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
President Mr.Keiichiro Nagatomo
Number of staff 63 (as of April 1, 2021)
Organization Corporate Business Division
  Production Department No.1
  Production Department No.2
  Public Sector Production Unit
  Referral Business Unit
  Marine Production Department
  Marine Cargo Business Unit
  Osaka Branch
Project Business Division
  Production Department No.3
Risk Finance Department
  Reinsurance Unit
Corporate Planning Department
Administration Department
Internal Auditing Office

Head Office

Osaka Branch