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(1)Consultation and review services of insurance program

     - Analyze and assess efficiency of the current insurance program
     - Design insurance program with risk management and cost efficiency viewpoint
     - Implement an improved insurance program based on the review

(2) Consultation service of global insurance management program for clients’ overseas operations

     - Set up a global insurance guideline and manual.
     - Control broker network on behalf of clients.
     - Collect risk and insurance information from global networks.

(3) Consultation services of Project Finance and Renewable Energy investments

     - Provide risk consultation services for the project of PPP, PFI, DBO and Renewable Energy.
     - Arrange insurance program for construction and operational phases.

(4) Arrangement of special risk insurance

     - Arrange coverage for the risks such as Earthquake, Products Recall, Cyber, and etc.
       including Reinsurance protection.

(5) Consultation of setting up Captive Insurance Company

     - Design the type and structure of the captive.
     - Perform a feasibility and risk study.
     - Choose a domicile and partner.