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Over twenty years have passed since the insurance brokerage system was implemented in Japan. Since the law was enacted in 1996, insurance brokers have been recognized as the only professionals who can act in the insured party’s best interest and on their behalf, to negotiate the best terms and conditions with insurance companies.

The role of an insurance broker is not limited to arranging an insurance policy on behalf of an insured party. Risk management is an important consideration for corporations today, and insurance brokers play a crucial role in determining and evaluating these risks in order to construct insurance programs that appropriately protects these companies. Insurance brokers also work with corporations in designing measures to prevent insurance-related accidents from happening.

At Kyoritsu Insurance Brokers of Japan, we have pioneered the insurance brokerage landscape in Japan. Our insurance brokerage clients include large and medium-sized corporations from the private sector, as well as independent administrative institutions, municipal independent administrative institutions, and national universities. We also have a solid track record in insurance consulting assignments. We have assessed insurance policies for overseas branches and subsidiaries. We have also evaluated risks for PPP/PFIs and private sector projects, and have provided insurance solutions for these projects. We are honored to have received high satisfaction from our clients for our top quality services. Our excellent services to date have led to business expansion, both in areas of services provided, and in the number of clients we serve.

Our management team and staff pledge to maintain our excellent quality services, and to continue innovating to achieve our mission of providing high customer satisfaction. As always, your feedback is truly appreciated.

We thank our clients for their business, and hope to welcome new clients to our world.

Yoshihiko Muneta , President & CEO